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Fireworks by Jennifer Luckenbill 




















Yes, GlassFire volume 2, issue 3 is finally done!  We apologize for the delay; we thought doing the anthology and the magazine at the same time wouldnít be that difficultÖyeah, we were wrong.  But this issue is done at last!


For this issue, we thought weíd talk about something many writers donít like to write: their author biography.  Some authors just donít like writing about themselves, but when it comes to crafting that perfect four or five line bio, itís especially difficult.  After all, it has to be short, compelling, and perfectly sum up your entire being in a few sentences.  No problem, right?


Even worse, some publications want certain things in your bio or request bios written in a specific way.  Some want you to say something about the piece they are publishing.  Others want to know what inspired you to write or some other standard question.  Still others want only serious bios.  While you may have a standard few lines to submit, you may have to alter them to fit the publication at times.


If you get stumped while writing your bio, here are a few of our suggestions to help you figure out exactly what to include and what to leave out:






Here are some things you might want to include in your bio:


Also, remember not to over-do your bio.  Most publications (us included) will edit or cut down a bio if it seems too long, so donít be surprised if what you see published isnít quite what you sent in.  Most places also make the bio optional, so donít feel like you have to include one.  In our opinion, though, getting to know a little bit about the writer only adds to our impression of the poem or story.


We will now sidetrack this editorial for a sales pitch Ė GlassFire Anthology is literally days away from going to the printer, and weíre holding firm to that December 15 release date (actually, we might even have it out a little before then).  Go check out the anthology page for a list of authors and to pre-order your copy today! 


Until the December issue, keep reading and keep writing!


Matt & Kristina



Jennifer Luckenbill is currently working towards her master's in Scotland. She is pleased at the fact that this issue has all of her lovely going-to-Scotland paintings in it. She currently enjoys hiding her food in the refrigerator from the dorm food thief, playing Scrabulous on Facebook instead of writing papers, and reading phonebook-sized packets of articles in 6 weeks.





Dreaming Starbursts by Jennifer Luckenbill