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West of Jocopotopec I by Michael McLaughlin 

















KC Wilder is a short-story writer, free-speech activist, poet, artist, and musician currently living in the U.S.  His writings have appeared in hundreds of publications around the world , including recently, The Seattle Review, Poetry New Zealand, Lichen (Canada), Poetry Canada, The Pacific Review, Contemporary Rhyme and Blow.  His work has been written about by Spin Magazine, The San Francisco Weekly, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Village Voice, The New York Times, The New York Post, The New York Press, and by dozens of e-zines and blogs. 

His voice is by turns folksy, quirky and surreal with a modern pop-culture esthetic.  Wilder has been working his craft for nearly 25 years.  His language is generally accessible, yet challenging, often with a light, funny touch.

Wilder has performed with a 40-piece classical orchestra as a singer, and has written music and played guitar in a variety of indie bands.  He has authored 5 books of poetry, and has a new 6th volume of 125 pages called The Shadows Noone Sees.

Wilder formerly published and edited 18 editions of an internationally distributed music magazine, a publication that was featured as a favorite in Factsheet 5, culminating in Wilder’s 20 city-speaking and performance tour of the U.S.

Wilder was the publisher and editor of 6 editions of a literary 'zine as well 10 mini-sized dadaesque lit zines that featured unique writings from Allen Ginsberg, A.D. Winans, Lorri Jackson, and Tuli Kupferberg, among others.  Wilder is also currently at work on a graphic novel.

Wilder's graphics and posters have been featured alongside work by Danny Hellman and Steve Cerio in Kevin Hein's anthology The Best of New York City Poster Art.

In addition to numerous CDs released independently by his own bands, some of Wilder's poetry has been committed to CD and recorded and released in Europe by an ex-patriot Serbian peace activist group known as Anti-War Action (AWA).  Wilder's own a capella performance of his poem "Surfer Clerk" was nationally syndicated and distributed in the U.S. by a well known Los Angeles based radio personality.


KC Wilder 

the truth that underlies this poem,


spreading roots and killing me,


pushes up a daisy


of possibility.