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On Calling a Spade









a Spade/Let's Destroy all Trees Once and for All

Bryon D. Howell is a poet currently residing in New Haven, Connecticut.
He has been writing poetry for a great number of years. Recently, his poetry
has appeared in
poeticdiversity, Red River Review, The Quirk, T
he Cerebral
, and The Lost Beat. Mr. Howell's poetry is "soon-to-be published" in Cosmopsis Quarterly and The Externalist. He is also launching his own poetry e-zine in April called The Persistent Mirage.


Bryon D. Howell 

Lately I tear

through poetry

like some dirty enemy

I might get

to off.


The best part is,

I can even go back

when I feel like it,

and manipulate each one

of you

over and over


violating God knows


and who the hell



To me, each and every

one of you


is nothing but

a number -


purchased - by me.


I can even pimp

each and every one of you


and ask others

to use you

as they

see fit.


I can massacre

a whole forest.


In my perfect opinion,


don't need

to be saved.


They don't even


to be hugged.


They need to be

cut, sliced, put in their


and branded.


You sheets of


can't hide.


Us poets

find you.


When we run out

of paper

we'll write on anything


paper towels,

toilet paper,

pizza boxes,

along the margins

of the local newspaper.


Ah, but don't worry.


You all,


get your revenge

through arrest warrants

court documents,

and of course -

overdue notices.


It's a fair fight.


Poets are always



"Save the trees! Save the trees!"


It's a good front.


And when all

else fails

and we

feel like

you're gaining some level

of momentum,

we simply hire

ignorant thugs


to burn you.