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Atomica by Peter Schwartz 
















"Atomica" by Peter Schwartz

Hey everyone,

Another issue, another horribly missed deadline.  Honestly, we're working on catching up on the reading.  The holidays were exceptionally busy--in addition to the various family functions, we were robbed on Christmas Day and lost a lot of computer equipment (and everything saved on it). 

We will flesh out this editorial at a later point (maybe), but there is one thing we especially wanted to mention to everyone.  Please, please, please add to your non-spam list if you submit something to us.  We have actually had to pass on several pieces of exceptional writing because we never heard back from the authors and had no alternate contact information.   We will do everything we can to get in touch with you (we've even resorted to MySpace stalking authors!), but if we don't hear back within a few weeks, we have no choice but to move on with the issue. 

We know you want to know the status of your submission, too, even if we're passing on it.  To that end, please make sure your spam guard isn't going to send us off into the void.  Also, please include your name and address on your submission (we have actually had a few submissions with no name on them!).  Also, although we don't list it in our submission guidelines, feel free to add your phone number as well.  We have actually called an author about a submission when we had no email address.  We do what we can to contact writers, but if all we have is a name, it can be very difficult.  Also, if you're changing email addresses, please drop us a line and let us know.  Include your name, your new email, the name of your submission(s) and, if possible, the date you submitted. 

As always, we appreciate everyone's patience and understanding.  It seems like we say it all the time, but GlassFire is a labor of love, but it doesn't pay the bills.  Real life has a way of interfering, it seems, with every issue.  But please don't let our tardiness turn you away from any of our amazing writers and artists.  We have incredibly talented people here, and there's no doubt that GlassFire is only the beginning for them.  They're going far, and we're privileged to be able to publish their works.

-Matt & Kristi

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