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More than six hundred poems and stories by Kristine Ong Muslim have been published or are forthcoming in over three hundred publications worldwide. Her work has recently appeared in Dog Versus Sandwich, Farrago's Wainscot, Front Porch, GlassFire Magazine, Pank, and GUD Magazine.












Kristine Ong Muslin


The forgetting, the doctor told him, will be gradual.

You will not notice it. He laughed, and his wife knew

he was crying. When they arrived home, the cat was

a warm slithering softness around his legs; he gave it

something to eat. A hum rippled the surface of the water


in the cat's water bowl. He closed his eyes; it was a memory

he wanted to fix in his mind as the past, the present, all the

variations of the same hunger of the years hurtled farther

and farther away from him. The moment snapped, time

locking it in place, and the water’s surface became still.



In Transit